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Toad not showing correct Database time

Version 14.1 / Oracle 19.11 / Windows 10

when in SQLplus on the server in OCI sysdate returns the coirrect date and time, however when we execute select sysdate from dual in Toad we get the time as being 1 hour behind what the database says it is.

does anyone know if there is a setting in Toad to fix this or is it a bug?

Are the dates on both servers (where Oracle is vs where Toad is) the same? Asking since I think Oracle takes the sysdate from the OS.

Toad is on our desktoips so no servers, yes the date is the same eveywhere, the only difference is the 1 hour behind in Toad as compared to SQLPLUS

Sorry, meant the Oracle server and your Toad workstation. Not sure, then...

Only thing I can think of at the moment is that the TimeZone settings are different for SQLPlus client vs. server.