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Full features and support, Toad for Oracle Base subscription, US$195 first year (offer expires 12/31/20)

Have you been a frustrated Toad for Oracle Freeware user? Annoyed by not being able to access all the features? If so, we’ve listened to you and in 2020 decided to act.

I’m John Pocknell, product marketing manager for Toad. I’ve worked with Toad for over 20 years and spoken to many Freeware users during that time and heard their frustration about not being able to access Toad’s full functionality. It’s true that we’ve decided to discontinue Toad for Oracle Freeware, but it’s also true that we wouldn’t leave you without something far better.

Software subscription is a much more attractive proposition, whether you are a consultant or a small company with limited budget because you don’t have to make an up-front investment. You simply pay an annual, all-inclusive fee, download, install and start using.

No longer do you have to curtail your coding dreams and opt for using only features that you can access. Now, you can use our fully-featured and fully supported Toad for Oracle Base Edition. For years our Freeware users have asked us to provide a solution they can afford. Now, through December 31, 2020, you can own the #1 database tool for US$195 . Sold one license at a time, that’s huge savings, more than 60% off the regular price and a deal you can’t afford to miss.

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