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Stay up to date and be more productive with the latest enhancements using Toad for Oracle Subscription

In late October, Quest released the latest version of Toad for Oracle, and its biggest news is that the Base Edition is now available by subscription. Now through 31-December-2020, you can sign up and get your first year for US $195 , a 60% savings from the regular price.

I’m John Bowman, one of the senior engineers for Toad for Oracle here at Quest Software. Over the years, Toad for Oracle has helped countless database professionals be more productive in their Oracle database environments. Whether you’re using the Schema Browser to manage database objects, Code Analysis to manage code quality, Query Builder to help write queries, Session Browser to monitor database performance, or Team Coding for change management, Toad for Oracle provides whatever tools you might need to help make your life easier and allow you to be more productive in your database environment.

One difficulty, however, has been that the cost of upgrading to receive the latest features and enhancements usually meant that individual users tended to either remain on an older version or use the limited freeware edition of Toad for Oracle. For those who used an older version, this meant they were missing out on new features and enhancements within Toad for Oracle; and for those who used the limited Toad for Oracle Freeware edition, this meant they were restricted in what features they had available within Toad for Oracle. With the release of Toad for Oracle Subscription, individual users now have a more budget-friendly way to stay current with new features and enhancements that come with newer versions of Toad for Oracle.

Here are a few features that Toad for Oracle Subscription brings to the table that can help you be more productive in your environment:

  • Automation Designer – Provides a full set of Toad components to automate and schedule various user-defined tasks within Toad for Oracle
  • Code Road Map – Document source code references within your database so you can easily identify whether current changes might affect other functionality within the database.
  • Import Table Data – Easily import data from various sources into Oracle database tables
  • Master Detail Browser – Easily view relationships between tables and the data they contain within your database.
  • Profiler Analysis – Identify and correct potential performance issues within your database application code.
  • Session Browser – Monitor database session information to help identify and correct potential performance bottlenecks across multiple connections to your database.
  • Team Coding – More than just version control within a database, Team Coding provides change control management within a team environment. It also interfaces with numerous popular backend version control providers for maintaining revision history for your database application.
  • Unit Testing – Create industry-standard utPLSQL unit tests for your PL/SQL code so you can identify potential bugs before they hit production.
  • Auto update Utility – Toad for Oracle Subscription includes an update service that periodically checks for newer versions of Toad for Oracle and provides you with an easy way to stay up to date with your version of Toad for Oracle.
  • Comparison Utility – Toad for Oracle includes its own built-in database / file comparison and merge utility
  • … and many others

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