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Function Returning Boolean in PL/SQL

I updated a page in Oracle Application Express by adding a column for Remarks after an employee made a change to a drop-down. The condition is based on any changes made to a drop-down box called “Non-Statistic”. The value of the drop-down is either “Statistic” or “Non-Statistic” . If the user changes the Non-Statistic to a different value (let’s say STATISTIC), he/she must enter the reason for changing the value. If the user does not change the value, then no action is needed.

Given that I am new to PL/SQL, I am having hard time coding this. Any help is highly appreciated.

This is a Toad for Oracle forum, so this really isn’t the right place for this question. I’m familiar with APEX, and I can tell you that there are many other better (simpler) ways to do this other than using a function - specifically using validations/conditions/dynamic actions. All you really have to do is create a dynamic action on an event change and then validate to see if the field is populated and not let the user submit until it is. A simple google search will return a ton of hits and examples on this subject, but if you have specific question, I would recommend you post them to the Oracle APEX forums.