Future of SQL Navigator

Dear Quest Team,

the latest official SQL Navigator version 7.6 contains a bug which makes it difficult to work with the integrated team coding in combination with Azure Dev Ovs Server (formerly known as TFS).

This bug has been fixed with V7.7 beta last year. But the monthly release of this beta version has stopped in Okt. 2020.

We still would like to wait for a final release of V7.7 (instead of switching back to a version < 7.3 which did not contain this team coding bug).
But we are uncertain if the developement of SQLNav still is going on as there are no further beta versions and there is no official response in the beta thread.

So kindly would any official Quest team member give a short feedback if it is still worth to wait for a final release of V7.7 ?

Thank you and best regards,


On my inquiry to this subject, I received this mail on 08.02.2021:

Hello Andre,
This is what I received from the product manager:
“SQL Navigator is a mature product that is actively maintained—it is certainly not dead. We have paused delivery for a short period of time, and while we do not ever commit particular release dates or features, I can say that we expect to deliver a new release this summer.
Is there a specific feature you were looking for in an upcoming release?”
Please contact me and let me know.
Thank you,
Ondrej Zizka

PS: And just by the way: My company just paid the maintenance fees again....

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Thank you for this update.

At least there was hope in Pandoras box! :expressionless:

False hope? Flatline on the monitors...

Any news on this front? The "short period of time" is over, and so is summer (soon).

this endless summer :unamused::zzz:

Just an FYI that we are planning a new release of SQL Nav to come out in March of 2021. Let us know if you have any issue you would like us to address and we will see if we can get it in.

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Thank you, Julie! Good news, even if I think it will be in March of 2022. :wink:

If the new release is based on the Beta 7.7 then my main issue (check-in issues with TFS/AzureDevOps) will be solved and I'm happy.
Please note, that only in the Beta V 7.7 while selecting "check In all" and unchecking some outstanding changes in the following dialog, still ALL changes were checked in. (Might already be solved as I reported this some times ago).


Hi @Julie_Hyman

Here we are in March 2022 and I still can't find any sort of indication of a new version of SQL Navigator. Is there any change of a new version any time soon?



Hi @Julie_Hyman ,

any new release date scheduled?


Hi All - Unfortunately we have had a push in the SQL Nav release schedule and I don't have a new date yet. I am looking into it and will get back to you soon.

Hi @Julie_Hyman ,

any chance getting this release in the next months?

Thx, Woolve