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Generate Change Script generating unwanted statements

In my models, primary key columns may or may not be set to Not Null. When I run Generate Change Script on two models, along with the expected code, I get a very long list of Alter Table statements to set the PK columns to Not Null for those that are not already set.

Since this is a comparison between models, and these settings are the same between them, I shouldn’t be getting these Alter Table statements. Is there an option in the change Script that will prevent these from being generated?

As an aside, I’m running this in the latest beta (, but this doesn’t seem like a beta issue, so I’m reporting it in the main forum.

Hi there,

Please tell us the database platform and version of your model and whether you have enabled the Allow Null Attributes in Keys option in Options | Model | Physical Model | General. Could you also take a screenshot of your settings in DDL Code Generation from in Generate Change Script wizard?



Thanks so much Lukas. The “Allow Null Attributes” option was the culprit. All is well now.