Getting spammed every day!

Hello Toad World Monitors -

Recently, various accounts have been spamming the entire list with messages that appear to have Japanese characters. I am seeing many messages from the following users:



Both of these accounts have spammed your list with (86) messages each, last Friday. I took yesterday as a day of vacation, but there were a boatload of useless messages from “fortesalexriegn” in my Inbox. Is this some type of an auto-reply e-mail storm?

It seems like there have been other accounts as well, but I had already permanently deleted those messages.

Other users, such as Richard.Tinkler and PK_Davidson, have already complained.

Can’t these accounts be shut down please?

Thank You,
Tom Wickerath

Hi Tom,

I’m sorry for the spam messages which you and others have received.

We have been removing the messages and the accounts responsible, but the spammer(s) have been creating new accounts.

We have changed the settings on our spam filters again yesterday and hopefully this will remove or reduce the problem. Our spam filters were catching many of the posts, but not all. I’m hoping now we will catch all of them going forward.

We are also taking additional actions to prevent the problem from happening again.

Sorry again…


  • Nate Gaffaney, Quest Software

Thank You.