Yahoo Groups Problems

To all:

I haven’t been receiving most of the Toad and Toad Beta messages for more
than a month. It is frustrating in that a few do come through. If it were none,
it would be easier resolve. IT here says that the messages are not being
filtered out as spam. Some may be filtered due to the attachments. The fact that
I am receiving some, says that the addresses are Whitelisted. Is anyone else
having this problem? What is the best way to contact Yahoo! About it?


Dave Reed

David Reed

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It might be easier to create an account at and create an RSS
feed for the message boards, or activate email delivery there. One thing you
can’t do is paste images into messages…

Or, create a yahoo/google/hotmail account and have your yahoo group messages
sent there instead?

Sometimes Yahoo will have some rejections for any one of a dozen reasons –
and then Yahoo will set the account to disabled (or some other silly term).

The way to fix it is to log into the Yahoo groups and fix your email account.
Usually you just have to reset it to active. I have no idea why it happens.


Since I never got your Email, I am responding from the Yahoo! Groups site. I have looked at my account status. It says active. Plus some Emails do get through. Why, I don’t know. I think I will try Jeff’s suggestion.