Git Branches

I like the ability to Push/Pull to my remote Git repo in 13.0. Are there any plans to look at adding the ability to work with branches in the future?

Hey jewelsch,

There’s no current plans to implement branching or merging in Team Coding since databases don’t support them. It’d be too easy for two people working in different branches to overwrite each other’s database code, or for multiple code branches to get out of sync with database objects. Team Coding was designed to work directly in the trunk for all version control providers, whether centralized or distributed.


It’s nice to see TOAD continue to support GIT. I get that it’s hard to manage branches and databases, just the nature of the beast. But it would be super helpful for developers to be able to look at the Team Coding Window and know what branch they’re on.

Hi tgraham,

Sure, I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t be able to do that, and I can definitely see where it would be helpful! I was planning on taking a look at a few things involving Git and Mercurial in this next release anyway, so let me take a look and see what I can do for the Toad 13.2 beta.

Thanks for the suggestion! Feel free to keep them coming!


Great to see additional functionality being considered for Git! One other thing I would be interested in is having Team Coding prompt me to check out an object when I need to drop it from the database such as object retirement. We have chosen to keep retired objects in our VCS since some of them contain good “reusable” code segments even though the overall purpose for the object is not needed anymore. Prompting for a check out would just ensure that pushing the latest version of the object doesn’t get accidentally overlooked.