GIT support

Is GIT considered to be added?

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Hi Michal,

Based on statistics we receive SVN is a very little used functionality. It’s even less used than e.g. About dialog, therefore priority of CR 95072, which I registered for GIT, is of low priority.


While this is an old thread, I think it’s still worth mentioning that git would arguably have more adoption at this point that svn. Not sure it worth making the inferenance that since svn isn’t accessed often, that neither would git. Especially considering that when you create a new project, your only option is svn thereby swaying people away from ever revisiting source control again.

Hello there,

Git integration is not currently planned in the near future. But it seems to be getting more popular lately, if you think more users might like this idea, please put it to the Idea Pond and we’ll see what others think about it.



Rather than integrate git support into Toad Data Modeler, can you provide guidance on how to use git for versioning? Really I just mean: if I want to use git to track changes, what’s the top-level directory I should be use? If I use Projects as the root of my git repository, will that capture all the file changes related to my projects?

Hello Khommel,

Git support is now in progress and will be available in next full version 6.2. (maybe early in some Beta versions).

If you want track changes by third parties GIT client you can track project folder. All files in project are in project folder or sub folder, but not all files from project folder must be in Toad Data Modeler project. When you create project, project folder is on second page - “Path to Project”. In existing projects you can determine this folder in project, by right click of mouse in Application View and choose Edit. You will see dialog. On this dialog on tab General is Edit field “Location”.