Grid export locks destination folder

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Inβ (and in 12.6 GA), I export the grid dataset to a delimited text file with “Display all results in grid” and “Include column headers” checked. All works well, but when I try to rename the destination folder afterwards, Win7-64 complains that some random object in this vast universe of ours must still have that folder opened because it can’t rename it. This is a new folder I created for Toad exports, so I end all Toad connections – still locked. I close Toad – not locked!

Is this something that’s fixable? It’s weirdly hit me a few times just recently. The “close Toad” workaround is doable, but at times with tens of connections and double the editor tabs open at once (ain’t being audited fun?), it does have some small measure of discomfort, with the auditing itself being much closer to the feeling one might expect of wearing fiberglass insulation undergarments.


Windows apps have a “current directory”. So we can let go of the current folder, but we’ll have to latch on to some other folder. We could switch over to the User Files folder after an export.

If closing Toad is inconvenient, an easier workaround would be to export “select * from dual” to some other location.

Ahhh…that export to another dir works perfectly! I’ll take it! Thanks, John!

Now, anything you can do about that audit feeling? [H]

Thanks, John!

Two words: Serenity Now

That problem - Windows holding on to the last directory accessed - is quite a nuisance in our daily work with Toad here as well (I think I ranted about it in the past). What we usually end up doing is either closing Toad or loading some random file from somewhere else into the editor, but both are a bit of disruption of your work, especially if you have a lot of stuff loaded in Toad.

I wonder if a menu item or button could be made to make Toad change its current directory to e.g. User Files? That would save us a lot of swearing :wink:

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Starting next beta, Toad will change its current directory to user files after an export.

Thanks for the serenity, John!