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Group execution in automation?


I don’t see a way to execute and combine results in automation like you can in editor. When i send a completed and combined group executed to automation and run it, it’s only one server. How is this done?


Quick, general answer here is that the Automation task library contains a task that allows you to connect to a list of databases. Then in a subsequent step, you can execute your query keep appending to your exported results file.


Ok, but only option I see is to loop through the connections. Is this the way to do it?


yes, use the loop connections and then add an execute or select to file. So for every connection in the list the SQL in child activity will be executed. you can save all results to different worksheets of an excel file. it is not exactly the same is the multi-execute window but is the closest we have in automation.


Ok. Will do. I would request group execution be added to automation. It’s a great feature that turns a 15min job into 5 min job done simultaneous.


Can you elaborate on how you are using group execute? I get that you would be using multiple connections and executing the same SQL. But are you comparing the results? and if that is the case wouldn’t Data Compare be better? I missing what the end report needs to be.



May be easiest to show you. I can try to upload a video or can send you my contact info for a call.


Best way is to open a support ticket. They can get the video to me straight away or set up webex with them for the use case. Can you open support case?


As mentioned in the support case I added QAT-14392 for this enhancement. I also showed how to use Loop Connection and Export wizard to append data into single Excel worksheet as a work around. I am posting here in case others have a similar need.


Got your video thanks. email issue was firewall issue. I got this working in 4.3 by looping all 31 connections, appending the excel file, exporting file to a local folder and attaching file from that location to email. I start the automation by deleting the file. Thanks. Thanks for the enhancement request also!


that is great news :+1: