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GroupBy column - How to select all fields


I’ve searched the forum and the site so excuse me for possibly a novice question. I am trying to use the query builder and group the fileds I have in my query. Is there a faster way to group all columns without having to indvidually select each field?


No, you have to select the fields to establish the group list. You can type them freehand in the Query Tab and then push the visualize button. That will sync up your change. But I don’t think that is any faster.

Did you have something in mind to make that faster? I am all ears on enhancements.



In SQL Server Managment Studio there is an option in the query builder to Group All and it automatically selects all the fields and appropriately groups them. This would be very very helpful in Toad. A small change, but a nice timesaver.


Okay, looks like an easy one. I entered CR74,078 for this enhancement.