halting an automation test

I’ve been running my Loop Dataset automation and have needed to stop the loop before it finishes. I’ve clicked on “stop all processes”, but that does not stop the testing loops. Any ideas? Thanks!

Mnnnn…there isn’t a cancel for an entire script. I entered this ER as 69,926.

For now, go to the View menu and open up the Background Processes window. You will see some of the activities such as export, etc running here. You can click the red circle which will cancel that individual activity. But this will not terminate your loop. (Unfortunately)

When all else fails, shut down the app or go to the Task Manager and kill the Toad.exe application.

Thanks again for the quick response. I’ve been just shutting the app down, so I’ll continue with that method for now.


Was this ever added? It's a bit frustrating to not be able to halt a running process. I'm using TDP 5.1 and it keeps resuming even when you kill the steps. Surprised this wasn't a version 1.0 feature.