How to cancel Automation Designer app

I have an app that uses Connection iterator (4 items) -> List iterator (8 items) -> execute sql script

I can cancel during the script execution, but then I have to cancel quite a few times before the entire app ends. Is there a way to cancel the app?

AFAIK, when automation designer is run directly from Toad.exe host process, the only way to terminate it is to terminate Toad if cancel is not working.

If it is run from windows scheduler, then you see in process explorer something like "C:\oracle\Dell\ … *Toad.exe* -aApp1”. Killing that process will kill your automation designer app as well.

Hope this helps.


If you want some help with that, please provide details. Such as…what are you doing when it crashes? what does the “crash” look like? Is there a “click here” message on the error dialog?

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