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Having an Automation script run when the table updates

I have searched almost everywhere I am hoping this is a quick answer. We have a database that is updated and sometimes it is not updated at that same time, sometimes it is down, sometimes a load/feed had errors and could take all day. So when the scheduled automation script runs the data obviously is not current. All I want to do is set up a script to look at a table that will show if tableupdate = sysdate then run the script(s)/reports. I am not sure when and where to use the loop/pause and or use the if with a loop. If you have a basic example I am sure I could run with it. I would really appreciate any direction you could provide.

See attached example.

I create a variable called ‘isItReady’ and set to FALSE.
The While loop will loop as long as the isItReady variable is FALSE.
I execute a SQL to determine if things are ready.
In this case I have connected to the Toad Sample Database and execute this query to see what hour it is.

select IIF(Hour(now) > 12, ‘TRUE’, ‘FALSE’)

This is executed in the Set Variable activity.
If it is after lunch I process the data if not I pause. T
his is done in the IF Activity.

I think this is what you are looking for.

Script_Pause.tas (9.23 KB)