Automation- Server down

I am using Data Point 3.2 base edition. I use the automation function to schedule many queries and reports. Quite often the server I connect to is down for updates, the time od day and the frequency varies. If the automation schedule runs while the server is down, I must manually go in and start the process.

Is there a setting on the scheduler, that will keep attempting to run the query for a specific amount of time?

Example: If my query is set to run at 8:05 AM and my report server is not finished updating until 8:23 AM, can I have TOAD keep trying to run the query for a a defined period of time?


You can use a while loop. Add your activities as children of this activity. Then check our row count variable for success. If you don’t have any rows then use the Pause activity and then try again. You can set your while loop to run a specific number of times or indefinitely. You will need to set your activities to continue after error to do this. I have seen several TDP users use this approach.

When I used version 3.2 at a previous job, I asked the same question. How do you test to see if the connection is up? Got the same answer from Debbie and it worked like a charm. Wish I still had the job, I could have sent you an example. You can set a variable test it in the loop and after you exit the loop to determine if you exited by connection is now up or if it just exceded due to the max number of tries and use a conditional step to execute based on that result.