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Help - Accessing DB2 thru TDA suspends my userid on mainframe ??

I am having a problem where TDA 3.1 may be trying to access DB2 system catalog (SYSIBM) tables on the mainframe for update, which causes my userid to be suspended. My SQL is not referencing the SYSIBM tables, so I am not sure why this is happening?

I am trying to determine if it is a TDA setting, or an internal setting in our environment. Has anyone else encountered this?

Answers to the questions below might assist us in determining what is going on in your environment:

Why do you believe Toad is accessing the SYSIBM catalog ‘for update’?

Which specific catalog table is being accessed?

What are you doing in Toad when you believe Toad is accessing the SYSIBM catalog 'for update"?
Do you get any specific DB2 error?

What type of connection are you using in Toad to connect to DB2 on z/OS? (Are you using an ODBC connection or have you cataloged a DB2 z/OS subsystem)?

Jeff -

I believe Toad is accessing “for update” because my mainframe userid gets suspended for 3 invalid attempts.

Multiple SYSIBM catalog tables are being accessed with the most recent 2 being SYSIBM.SYSCONTEXT and SYSIBM.SYSROLES.

I get the error message stating access has been denied because my mainframe userid has been suspended while runnning SQL against DB2 tables that I have been given access to - I am not referencing any DB2 catalog tables.

I believe I am using a DB2 z/OS subsystem entry, not an ODBC.

We would like to view the exact error message you are receiving and find out exactly what is detecting the ‘for update’ on the DB2 catalog and how your mainframe userid is getting suspended.
We would also like to verify what connection type you are using and determine if you have issues when connecting from a DB2 CLP.
We have not seen this from other users, so it appears that something unique is happening in your environment.

I would suggest that you open a support case at That way all your information can be logged and tracked.

WAs this ever resolved? I am getting the exact same error

The original user in the post above did not have read access to all the SYSIBM catalog tables that we query for DB2 z/OS connections. The DB2 security at his site would suspend his ID after the third such access. We made some changes that made it into the latest release of Toad Data Point, where if you install TDP as ‘read only’ we reduce the features and access to SYSIBM catalog tables. I recommend you try that latest 3.7 version of TDP.