Help - can I 'unlink' a row in child table - keep historical data


New to TOAD, forgive me .... I have a database with drop downs, I can see them in my tables in Toad for MySQL (child tables?).

As an example: I have a list of officer names x 15 in the child table, these show up in a drop down in the 'front end' (or customer end). I want to remove some of the officers (or unlink them) so they they don't show up in the drop downs. I did try and delete one, and while it did disappear from the drop down - it deleted that person from all previous entries (which I need kept).

Is there a way I can perhaps 'unlink' it using Toad for MySQL so that it doesn't show up in the drop down list but all the historical information is kept.

Given the agency I work for I can't share any screens, sorry!

As I mention above, very new to this so any help anyone can give would be really helpful, think of the 'pub test' when talking to me.



Hey Jason,

Since you mention Toad for MySQL, that product has been replaced by Toad Edge, which does connect to MySQL and its variants. Suggesting that you post this to the Toad Edge forum, for better response.

If your request truly is for Toad for SQL Server, then need confirmation of where you are in the product interface. Can you list the steps within the product that get you to the scenario you're describing? It sounds like you're in the data and possibly have grouped the grid contents by one of the columns... this would create that "parent-child" effect that you seem to be describing... need more details thought to be sure... unless you can share screen snapshot and blur out sensitive content for security reasons... that would be ideal.