Help on Model comparison report


I have been using toad for a few months now and recently saw the need to compare two models. The problems is that when I’m in the comparator, I can see that there are differences in the two model, but when I create the report, I’m unable to see what the diffrences are between the two model. I’m not even sure what the report should look like. Can anyone assist please.

Hello Errol,

If you see the differences in Comparator, the report should be generated properly.
See attached a doc – I took the same steps as you – deleted two relationships from Oracle 10g model, resaved as new and then compared the models. Information on the missing relationships + key constraints has been generated in the report.


  1. Please try to select another Layout in the Report Wizard – Frameless, Frames – top, Frames - left. Does it help? Can you see any difference?
  2. Please try to use another browser for the report (e.g. Firefox).

If it does not help, please send us your models and we will check it out.

Do you use latest TDM

Movie on this issue (to see how the report should look like):
Note: You will find it also in the Help file.

Please let me know the result. Thanks.


Comparator shows.pdf (247 KB)