Compare 2 model and generate report


I am comparing 2 different model to have alter scripts with below steps.

TDM —> Model – Compare and generate report – Run – Selected .txp file to compare – Picked some comparison rules - Checked “Compare All” – In Review step I clicked on Finish

Once I click on finish I am expecting a alter script, but TDM didn’t pop up with any message. Am I missing something ? Please advise.

Thanks !!


Instead of choosing Model->Compare & Generate Report, which only documents the changes, select Model->Generate Change Script.

That will generate and save the SQL change script between the models.

Hello Gary,

Please note I am comparing a model with another model [ Means comparing 1 txp file to another txp file ]


  1.   Model 1 - I have a set of data model with relationships in the ER diagram.
  2.   Model 2 - Another set of models without relationships.
  3.   However, Table names will be same for this model 1 and 2. So I would like to compare this model 1 and 2 to find out the differences. Please advise

Thanks !!

Hello Rajesh,

if you want to compare you models you can use a functionality “compare and generate report”. Run the models compare wizard from the model 1, load the model 2 and go to then frame “Item selection” with the tree where you can see all differences (entities with the same name should be paired). There is also button Report to generate alter report (HTML/PDF/RTF) with differences in the models.


Hello David,

I used "Compare and generate report" option to compare two different model. By clicking on the "Report" option picked HTML, however the end result it shows me ONLY what is missing in the other model.

Technically I am looking for an alter script for the changes. Attached screen snap is for your quick reference.

Also, In the report there is a “DROP DOWN” at top right corner which shows all the table names, if I pick a table name from that drop down – I don’t see any changes.

I request you to assist me on the below:

  1.   How to generate ALTER SCRIPT by comparing 2 different models.
  2.   How to utilize the “DROP DOWN” option in the HTML report as mentioned above?



Hello Rajesh,

this is the error that drop down menu (and also navigation on th left pane) does not work in the selected CSS template. I’ve created the issue TDM-4571 which will be fixed in the next version. Please use some other CSS style for your report in the meantime.

If you want to generate alter script you have to use change script wizard (menu Model | Generate Change Script) as you Garry recommended. It is the almost the same wizard like Models compare. Both wizards compares model by the names of the objects so if you have tables with the same names (including schema/database name) for model 1 and model 2 it should be paired and only differences are shown. On your screenshot it looks like the entities are not paired maybe due the differences in database / owner name?