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Help with batching multiple inserts from Salesforce to Oracle

I’m trying to figure out a way to replicate a dozen or so Salesforce objects into Oracle tables. I seem to have done it once in a sort of ad hoc way but I’m wondering what the best way have a series of scripts run where every target table is truncated and inserted into and the whole job runs in one shot. Has anyone done this before?

Update: I’ve found the Automation Script feature and that seems like it’ll work but how does one do more than 2 things in parallel? (it’s seems hackneyed to nest parallel processes but I guess that would work) Also, I’m using the SQL script thing to pass through dropping idexes and then recreating them after an import - is this the best way?



I would suggest using the Import Wizard.

  1. Connect to Oracle (destination db).

  2. Open Import wizard and choose ‘Add Query’.

  3. Change the connection to Salesforce and enter Select * from table1

  4. Click through wizard to set up Oracle table.

  5. Repeat 2 - 4 for multiple imports. This will save all into one Import template that can be run in Automation or in TDP.