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Importing from mutliple Oracle databases to SQL Db

I'm trying to import data from 10 Oracle databases into a single MS SQL DB. I thought I could use the Loop Connections together with "Import Export Data" section.

My issue is that when I put the import task inside the loop and I tick the 'use connection from automation ' and 'from parent', it looks like Toad is thinking I want to import into the Oracle (the Source) database that is in the loop.

Any idea how I can make this work?

The Import Task in an Automation flow may not work as your intending, Cesar. This is because the Import Wizard/task needs to know the specific source/s and target/s that your moving data from/to.

Might need more details on exactly what your end goal is, Cesar, but here's an idea for you. If you are using the Professional Edition (5.x version or above) you might want to consider using the Import/Export Wizard (Tools->Import Export Data). This wizard allows you to define multiple Source/target pairs of tables for data migration. The wizard allows for copying data directly from table to table, and includes column mapping. And, it can be used in Automation jobs.

See series of annotated snaps below... Hope this helps give you additional ideas...

OK. I understand what are you saying. I was trying to make it easier but your solution should work.