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hierarchical queries

We have end-users using TDA2.7 to query data directly form the database. I was wondering if there is any way the tool can “automate” creating hierarchical queries with a “connect by” clause. We have a third-party application using an Oracle database. The developers used a lot of recursive relationships within their tables. I can go into SQLPlus and write hierarchical queries, but our end-users woud like to know if there is any way they can construct this type of query in TDA 2.7. I am busy doing other development and the vendor charges too much money to fulfill the query resuests.

In TDA building queries can be done by the Query Builder, free hand in the editor or a combination of both.

The Query Builder does not have a connect by feature to help you build that specific syntax. But you can build the sql and send to the query builder and save to tsm file. This file can then be shared by the team and used as a template to make other queries.


Thank you for your quick response. I was afraid that was the case. I was hoping that TDA would have had the “connect by” functionality built-in.

Thanks agin,

You can also make a code snippet to use as a template to make the syntax easier. But beyond that we have no further current assistance. Sorry. You are also the first to ask for this.