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How can I append output on the existing file


Hello sir.

I’m using 11.5 version of Toad for Oracle.

I do daily check about 15 databases(more in the future) using Toad with same sql scripts.

I configured Auto Connect on login windows. So when I start Toad I see 15 databases connected on the Connection Bar.

And I open a sql file in the Editor. I do this 15 times on the each databases.

We have a Excel format to make a report. So each database I execute the sql and Copy / Paste from the Output Grid to Excel.

You know what I’m doing and It is too much wasting time.

The Excel Sheet format like this

db1 | data | data | data …

db2 | data | data | data …

db3 | data | data | data …

db4 …

So What I want to do is like below :

Execute a sql on the fist server. Output will be created a csv file.

Execute same sql on the second server. Output will be appended an existing csv file from the above.

Execute same sql on the third server …

What is the best way to minimize typing keyboard or clicking mouse.

I know this is very easy work in the sqlplus but we are not allowed sqlplus in the PC for the security reason. We are allowed all works via Toad.

Thanks in advance.