Automation with Excel Output

Hi guys, new to the boards :slight_smile:

I’m having a bit of trouble using some of Toad’s automation features. Every week I have Toad run a query which outputs to an Excel File. I have the “launch program” box checked so it opens. I then have about 14 other queries that run and export as an Excel Instance.

I’m trying to automate my project, but I’m having a few problems.

  1. If I use excel instances, then I have to a) have excel on the remote computer used for automation and b) have to save the excel file before it can be closed (instances don’t automatically save).

  2. I could use Excel File export for all queries and un-click “launch program” then I wouldn’t have to have excel on the remote computer, but I would end up with 15 different excel files - not exactly ideal.

My question is: Can I have Toad execute multiple queries, but have them display as different Output Grids which I can then export as multiple sheets in an Excel File?

This would allow me to not have excel installed on the remote computer and would not require someone to go in and click “Save” in excel.

I hope this is clear!

EDIT: I’m using Toad

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