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How can I export multiple tables into one msaccess.accdb file?

I can able to export multiple tables into multiple msaccess files but I would like to export multiple oracle tables to single msaccess.accdb file. If anyone know the answer please advise.

Hi Devi,

This is possible to do using the export wizard. Connect to your Oracle database, and select Tools->Export->Export Wizard to begin the wizard.

  1. Click next to go past the welcome screen, and you’ll have an option to add objects to export

  2. click on “Add” and select the first table from your Oracle connection, but when doing this make sure you only select one table at a time.

  3. Click next to choose the destination type and select Access and click next

  4. Choose your columns to export and click next

  5. Choose the .accdb file to export to, and you’ll have an option to use either an existing table, or to create a new table. Click on create new table, give it a name, and click next

  6. Now you will be back at the same screen as Step 2. Repeat steps 2-5, making sure to only select one table at a time. You can select the same .accdb file for each step.

  7. Click next to execute the template.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns.


Thank you Mike.