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How can I resolve this error when import to Oracle

Hi, I have Toad Data Point 3.4 and when I try import any data to Oracle (to existing table or to new created table), I always get this error:

14:55 Thread (24) Tried to access non existing SQL name (Quest.Toad.Db.CommonSql.ChangeCurrentDatabase)
14:55 Thread (24) Error importing data, please check file format options: Tried to access non existing SQL name (Quest.Toad.Db.CommonSql.ChangeCurrentDatabase)
14:55 Thread (24) Import Finished [24.1.2014 14:55]
14:55 Thread (24) Import time: 00:00:05.0245024

I have TDP for half year, always importing same file in same format without any errors. Is this problem caused by file or connection configuration? Any ideas how to resolve it? I’m importing .csv file.

Thanks a lot!


The error stack is complaining about the schema name. See image. Is the schema name valid? If it is can you Save the import template to a file and post?

Schema name is valid. See import template in attachment. It is my own schema, where I'm currently logged. In previous installation of TDP, all seems to be OK, import was fast and without problem. After my system re install in January this happens. In old Toad for Oracle 9 import was finished without problem, but is much much slower then import in TDP.

Here are some screens of my TDP screen, so you can see how I'm logged in.

end actual error

Thanks for help.

Martin (690 Bytes)

What version of Oracle are you connecting to? It appears that your SQL Dictionary gpt messed up.

Please save the attached SqlDictionary.xml to your Toad Application Data Directory ( you can find the path by clicking Application Data Directory link in About box), restart Toad and try the import again.

Hope this helps.
SqlDictionary.xml (191 Bytes)

Thanks for your reply, but error is still the same. I copied your xml file to Data folder. Now it looks like this

Here is our Oracle component version info:


NLSRTL Production

Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition 64bi

PL/SQL Production

TNS for Solaris: Production

What is really strange is a fact, that before TDP reinstall all works like a must be caused by some change in last update of TDP.

Thanks for all ideas.

No other ideas?

Is there any possibility to log all commands which Toad sending to Oracle server?




I’m working on adding some log to the oracle commands in import wizard. In the mean time, would you like to reinstall your Toad to see if it helps?


Yes, I reinstall it several times. Even with some special uninstall tool for deleting all temp files and register entries. I testeted old version (3.3) and beta version (3.5) too.

Logging will be great, this can be some problem in our Oracle configuration, but now i can’t identify it.

My company considering the purchase about 30 licenses. I have it for testing (i have only trial version now) . But if we can’t resolve this issue, it will be big problem for us. Importing large files is with us on a daily basis and TDP can be user-friendly alternative for all our platforms (Oracle, Teradata, MySQL).

And I’m Martin, it was typing error :slight_smile:


I added more log to catch possible exceptions . Please try the following steps:

  1. Download the beta build and install it.…/

  1. Launch the beta and migrate settings from version 3.4

3.Click the link application data directory in about box, it opens up the the setting folder, please delete ExceptionTrace.log

  1. Connect to your Oracle server and reproduce the import issue you had

  2. Please send me the following items to debug your issue

  • Screenshot and content of the import log
  • ExceptionTrace.log
  • Support bundle zip file ( Help -> support bundle)
    Let me know if you need any clarification.



Hi, sorry for my delay. Here is it.
If you need something else, let me know.

Thanks for your help!

Martin (67.2 KB)

This is really werid. Could you execute this command?


Yes, without problem. See screenshot



Thank you for your patience. I added more debug code. Please download the new beta, do the same steps ,and send new log files to us for investigation.…/

Since the issue is quite perplexing, we also want to know if you are open to have a webex with us if the new log files do not reveal the information we are expecting.



Hi Kiki,

sorry for my delay…vacation… :slight_smile:

So, error look still same. All what you want is in attached .zip .

Webex is no problem, but we must agree time because I’m in Prague (UTC+1)

Martin (172 KB)


I think your 5 - 6:00 pm ( our 8 - 9:00 am) will be a good time slot. Please email me directly at to discuss the details.