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How can I use Toad to compare 2 different databases on different servers?

I’m still pretty new with Toad for SQL Server (or any database for that matter). I’ve been tasked with comparing two databases’ schemas, but they’re on different servers. And not only that but the version of SQL Server is different on each of these servers. (One is SQL Server 2005 and the other is SQL Server 2008 R2, although the second server might go to SQL Server 2012.)

So the first question is, can Toad for SQL Server do this sort of comparison?

Secondly, if the answer to the first question is yes, then how do I do it?

Hi Rod,

Yes, Toad can do this comparison.


  1. Launch Toad. Create two connections to connect the server you want to Compare.

2.Open Schema Compare.

3, Click Next to Specify Source and Target Database. Click Add button.

Here can select source and Target Databases from different connection.

4.Click Next butotn to Select Objects. Default All the database objects are compared.

5.Select the Comparesion Options. Click Next to start comparsion. After that, we can see a summary of comparesion.

  1. Click Finish to close the wizard. Then we can see the Schema comparesion details, such objects and Script.

And more, we can open the Properties windows to see more objects details.



Hello Kelly,

Thank you for your reply. This looks promising, but I’m having problems following your steps. At step 2 you said I was to open the Schema Compare. I see, by the picture you included, that it’s under Tools. However when I get into Tools all I see is:

Refactoring Utilities …

Schema/Owner Assignment…

Naming Convention

Infer Relationships

I wish I could include a screen shot of what I’m seeing, but that’s not possible as far as I can tell. Anyway the point is that all I’m seeing if that short list. Nothing like what you showed. What do you suggest?


Let me take things back to basics. Do I have to first create a model of the databases that I’m trying to compare? I’ve gotten into Toad’s online help and that is sort of suggested, although not outright stated. For example, I’ve reverse engineered the two databases I can to compare and then saved both of those as separate models. But then I’ve no idea at all how to designate one as “the left side” for the comparison and the other as “the right side” for the comparison. This is getting very frustrating!

OK, now I’m wondering if I’m posting this question in the wrong forum. Like I said I’m still pretty new to Toad. We use SQL Server here, so therefore I thought this forum was where I should post my question. Now though I’m wondering if I’m wrong. I actually have Toad Data Modeler 5.4 on my machine. If Toad for SQL Server is in fact some other software product, then I don’t have that installed. If there’s a forum for Toad Data Modeler I’ll try posting my question to that.