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How do I compare two databases?

I’m still very new to Toad. I’ve been given the task of comparing two databases. I’m interested in comparing the database schemas, not the data. The tough thing is that they’re on different Windows Servers, running different versions of SQL Server. (One is SQL Server 2005 and the other is SQL Server 2008 R2.)

So my first question is, can I use Toad Data Modeler 5.4 to do this? And if so, how?

I’ve already reverse engineered both databases and have saved those as .txp files. Do I use those, somehow?

I realize you are asking about TDM. In Toad for Oracle I can compare two schemas on different database instances using the Database->Compare->Schemas menu item.

Hi Rod,

Toad Data Modeler can compare two databases reverse engineered to models, but they have to be of the same database platform and version.

Luckily, you can convert your SQL Server 2005 model to 2008 one (or the other way around) using the Convert Model function. Once both your models are of the same version, you can Compare them and Generate Change Report, for example.

An important note - Toad Data Modeler compares objects based on their names. If you want to compare two Schemas that are named differently, TDM won’t link and compare them. In such case, you could technically rename the Schema so the names match.

The best way to efficiently compare the Schemas is probably to use the Schema Compare tool in Toad for SQL Server, though. You could try the Trial version and see how it suits you.



This looks very promising Lukas, thank you!