How do I get the exact same formatting in Toad 12 as I did in 11.6?


All our developers format their code using TOAD before committing it into our version control tool. They all use the exact same fmtplus.opt file. When a change is done to for example a package body, the code reviewer can easily find the changes when they diff the file versions.

But if we upgrade TOAD from 11.6.1 to 12 the formatting have been changed even though we use the same opt-file. Changing the formatting options does not fix the problem.

So the problem is that the exact same formatting cannot be done after upgrading to TOAD 12. This is a very big problem for us, since we only release the code that have been changed into production. And when we upgrade TOAD almost all code is changed.

Is it possible to keep the formatting from 11.6 somehow?


Hi ,

I understand the issue is addressed in the beta.

I would request you to test the issue in the beta and confirm if you are still seeing the issue.



Thanks, I will wait until the next official patch and test it then.

Hi again,

I have now installed TOAD and the formatting problem remains. This is really a big problem for us that the formatting keeps changing in every TOAD release. We have asked about this before and always get the answer that it will be fixed in the next release or patch. But it never is. Is there really a ticket to fix this problem at all?

Kind Regards