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How do I make a TNSNames file?

I’m setting up Toad Data Point 4.2 and my office is making the switch (from Brio) so I’m trying to document a clean installation method.

Direct Connect works fine but can’t do cross-queries with Excel so I’m setting up an Oracle Client connection. I installed the Oracle 12.2 basic driver and ODBC package. When I get to this point of the install it asks for a TNS Service Name. If I leave this blank the connection test crashes. I’m not sure if I should already have a tnsnames.ora file or if I need to create that myself. Where can I find this or what steps do I need to do to create it?

Its been a while since I used an Oracle connection but if you have an Oracle client installed and you have connected to an Oracle database then you already have a TNSnames file on your PC. You can search for it with Windows Explorer.