How does Ctrl-F work?

Does the Ctrl-F search function only check Name and Caption fields of tables and attributes and only match whole words?

I’d like a more flexible search function:

  • substring search
  • using wildcards or regular expressions
  • search also in all table attributes, comments…



Hello Andreas,

Yes, only caption and name fields.
Not to match the whole words only, please clear the ‘Whole Words Only’ checkbox.

Thanks for your suggestions. Yes, we will definitely work on improving the search functionality. CR has already been created - 65 855.

Thanks again.



I search for “ROLE” and nothing is thound. But I definitley have several table attributes named _ROLE and “Whole words only” is not checked?!
What item needs to be selected?
Where does Ctrl-F search?


Hello Andreas,

Let me apologize for my uncomplete reply.

CTR+F searches only for caption and names of tables, relationships, views and materialized views on the workspace.
You can use some search strings, e.g. * - for unlimited number of characters (*role), ? - for one character.

In any case, we will work on improving this search function. (CR 65 855)

Tip - You can use also the Object Viewer feature.

  1. Right-click the model name and select Object Viewer.
  2. Type the searched name to the box Object Name, e.g. *role.
  3. From the Object Type combo-box, select e.g. Attributes (or you can leave All Objects).
  4. Click the green arrow at the top of the dialog.
    Result: All attributes that match the definition will be listed. Double-click the attribute name opens its Properties dialog.
    Unfortunately, it is not possible to select/highlight the entity with the attribute on the Workspace. The workaround is that in Object Viewer you learn the name of the entity where the attribute occurs and then use CTRL+F or double-click the shortcut of the entity in Model Explorer. Then the entity will be highlighted on the Workspace.

If you have any questions, please write me back. Thanks.



Thanx, that is what I was searching for.


After an entity is found in the Object Viewer, or even the model explorer, is there a way of locating it inside canvas if it’s not currently visible inside the window? In other words, if the “highlighted” entity isn’t inside the window’s viewable area is there a way to move the viewable area to the entity?


Let me reply.

  1. You find the entity in Model Explorer:
    Under this entity there is the Shortcuts folder. In the Shortcuts folder find the shortcut you want to display and double-click it.
    The shortcut of the entity will be highlighted on the WS. If the WS is not open, it will open.
    Note: Unfortunately, there is a small issue with redrawing the WS. We know about it and will fix it. So, as soon as you double-click the selected entity shortcut in Model Explorer, just place your cursor on the Workspace area. It’s all.

  2. You find the entity in Object Viewer:
    Right-click the entity and select Find on Actual Workspace (or Find All Shortcuts on Actual Workspace). The entity shortcut will be highlighted on the WS.
    Note: In this case, you have to open the particular Workspace before you use the Find… option.

Tip: Article on Object Viewer on our weblog:

If you have more questions, please write me back. Thanks.