How many users of Toad Data Point are there?

Is this a very widely-used product? I don’t see much discussion of it online (outside of Toad World) and I don’t see any in-person training listed.

Interested question. I am sure the PM’s can provide some guidance on the user base but as for the discussion of Toad Data Point, ToadWorld is THE place to go to get information about any of the Toad products. It is a robust, yet tight-knit community that works with each other to get questions answered and solutions developed.

Feel free to jump right in.

As for in-person training, we have web-based training that is pretty good and we are building more courses. What training needs are you looking for? We have resources available via our Post-Sales organization for paid training as well as free videos on ToadWorld that cover a myriad of subjects about the tool.

I hope this helps.


This product has some of the best support of any software product I have ever used and I have used a bunch of different reporting and ETL tools. Toad Data Point automation allows you to set up multi step processes and schedule them so you can set it and forget it and let Toad do the rest. Much easier to use than SSIS and SSRS and through Toad World this product keeps getting better. They have people that watch the forums and make changes to the software to fix bugs reported and create enhancements based on user input and questions.

I don’t know how many users there are but there are 72 pages of Toad Data Point community members.

Totally agree with you Greg. The response from support for TDP is the quickest ive seen and oriented towards a result which now works. i think Toad data point is a great product being flexible and nimble. some people wont like me saying this but if it can be a little bit more ‘brio like’ in its interface and automation its a winner hands down.

We are working on the “brio like” part. We started with the addition of the Transformation and Cleanse window. Do you use this?

Just had a play around with the transformation and cleanse window. Its very quick at doing distributions. Its useful for data discovery and testing.