New to Toad Data Point

Hi! I am a new data analyst for konami gaming and will be using toad data point to help me with the analysis of data. I was wondering what suggestions you might have to help me get familiar with the software.

I suggest you watch some of the videos on this site to get a feel for how it all works.

Hi - Welcome to Toad Data Point family. There are a few helpful resources for you to get started. If you have already installed the software, I recommend going through this 1-2 hr free on-demand professional training course for a beginner to intermediate level content at

If you are looking for a <5 min high level overview and pick where you want to start you could start with

If you would like to learn all about getting started, this is a good start point

Hopefully this will get you rolling. If not, email your account manager and they will get a resource to walk you through the solution over a virtual session.

Good Luck!

Don’t forget to watch the series on Automation by Debbie Peabody. Toad automation in my opinion is by far Toad’s most valuble feature, except for maybe Toad’s support staff and community. You made a good purchase.