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How to add IDENTITY to generated ER Report?


When generating the HTML PER Report, I see nothing in the generated HTML for Attributes that show any IDENTITY property for a SQL Server database.

Is there some way this can be added to the report? If so, can it show the seed and increment values?



Hello stephen,
Identity information is on tab Attributes in each attribute see screenshot



Entirely not what I was seeking, but thanks for taking the time to look…

I have but 22,796 Attributes in this one DB. It would be an excessive waste of effort to have to drill into every attribute that may have an ID last 2 characters just to determine the presence of an IDENTITY (as if that was an across the board standard, which is isn’t…)

What I NEED is to extend the Attribute grid on the ENTITY page to include this important property. Even if it’s a yes/no it will be immensely helpful - I can drill for the start and increment but as I’ve extremely rarely seen anything other than (1,1) and a few function-specific (a.k.a. schema namespace) tables use (-int-max/-bigint-max,1), I don’t need the detail as it can take up too much page-space - thus, just the Y/N would be good enough.

How can THAT be achieved, please?


This can be customized. We’ll help you with that. Which version of SQL Server you are using, please?



Currently TDM is set to read from 2014, but we develop and QA against 2014, 2016 and 2017, so “All Mainstream Supported Versions” is the best answer, for full coverage.



We prepared a user package, which report Identity property in Entities page of HTML report. Download file HTMLReportsMS_user.txg. It is user package, which will modify HTML report for SQL Serve 2012 and above.

How to install user package:

  • Run TDM and switch on expert mode (Main Menu > Settings > Options > General > Expert Mode checkbox)
  • In Main Menu should be appeared new menu item “Expert Mode”.
  • Go to “Main Menu > Expert Mode > Customization > Import Custom Package” and find and import user package “HTMLReportsMS_user.txg”.
  • After this restart TDM.

In fact this process only copy package to location defined in TDM. By Default it is “C:\Users\USERNAMEXY\Documents\Toad Data Modeler\Standard Installation\Packages\{DCB5CB9B-CF65-4350-86B5-285D246FC5AC}”.

Now you can try generate HTML report.

For uninstall simply delete this user package in Documents path.


You can edit scripts in linked user package.

In Script Explorer (Main Menu > Expert Mode > Customization > Script Explorer) you can now find two new user scripts (in path “Reports > HTML > Model Reports > Basic Reports”):

  • BasicHTMLPERReportMS12_user … It containt one changed function used in report for SQL Server 2012 and SQL Server 2014.
  • BasicHTMLPERReportMS16_user … It containt one changed function used in report for SQL Server 2016 and SQL Server 2017.

For example, if you want see only YES/NO values in Identity column of report, you can replace rows 129-136 for (uncommented) row 137:
Table.CreateCell( a+1,8,Instance.LogicToString(AttrInf.Identity) ); // other possible report item




Thanks, Mario. I’ll give that a try after I extinguish the current blazes!