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Alternative ways to enter entities and attributes

I’m evaluating TDM to purchase. After using many modeling tools I find the “mouse intensive nature” of TDM a little annoying.

For example, entering all the information for a new table requires a lot of clicks and multiple tabs, when I can type the same information in text much much faster.

What are my options for creating tables and attributes in TDM?

For example, can simply type my create statements somewhere and have them incorporated into my model?


to quickly add new entities to your model click menu Macros | Productivity | Add Entities. New form opens. Write entity names one per line and click Execute.

To quickly add attributes to entities, edit an entity, add one attribute, edit the attribute. On the Attribute Properties form you can find button OK+Add. This allows you to define new attributes without the necessity to close the form.

BTW: simplification and improvements of the UI are our key plan for next releases. We are working on various modifications, one of them is change of the forms. Our aim is to bring better user experience and better performance.



Vaclav -
So does this mean that the items mentioned in my rant will also be addressed? (Hoping!)


I cannot promise that feature similat to “Parse SQL to create new objects” will appear in TDM soon. We discusses that possibility in past, we still like that idea, unfortunately other items got higher priority. We would like to improve the existing basic features first and then continue with other improvements. Thank you for understanding it.

Have a great day,


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