How to capitalize the first character of column headers in the result set of query

Could anyone assist me in determining how to capitalize the first character of each column headers in the result set of a SQL query?

Simplest way to do this is to alias the column names in your selection list of query. Most data platform query languages allow aliasing.

instead of this:

SELECT column1
, column2
, column3
FROM yourtable

try this:

SELECT column1 as Column1
, column2 as Column2
, column3 as Column3
FROM yourtable

Hi, Gary!

I knew about the option to specify column aliases, but in doing so, sometimes the column headers display in mixed case and at other times, they do not when executing the query through Toad Data Point.

So, that is why I wanted to know if there was a setting I could customize within the software tool to set the case of the column headers.

Thank you for your input. :slight_smile:

Whatever alias you provide for your column name/s should be exactly what gets displayed in the result set grid column headers. If they do not, then I would consider this a bug... can you provide a screen shot, please? And does this happen only in certain areas of the product? e.g. Editors only? Query Builder result grids?



I specified the below command before my SQL query and I had to issue a “Ctrl+A” (to select the below command and SQL query) and I pressed “F5” to execute all commands. These steps allowed for the first character of the column header to be capitalized in the SQL result set. Below is an example of the steps I took.

This is the only workaround solution I found to work, but I thought there would have been some way to customize the Toad Data Point environment to perform this task (without having to specify a “SET” command).

TOAD Code Execution - Original
SELECT sysdate AS "Timestamp"

5/23/2024 4:13:18 PM

TOAD Code Execution – Revised
SET enable_case_sensitive_identifier TO on;

SELECT sysdate AS "Timestamp"

5/23/2024 4:13:29 PM