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How to change "Natural" order of columns?

How can I change the natural order of columns?

I am coming from ERWIN, and I miss being able to drag and drop columns to change the order.


You can change the order in Entity Properties dialog, tab Attributes.

  1. To sort them manually, use the the green arrows. The new order will be applied in entity box on the Workspace and also in generated DDL script.

  1. You can also sort them by the columns in the dialog (by caption, name, data type...) - just click the appropriate column name.The changed order is applied only in the entity dialog (no change on the workspace, no change in DDL script). To set the 'natural' order again, click the first column (next to the Key column on the left).

If you have more questions, please write me back. Thanks.

Have a nice day, Vladka

Got it, thank you!