Save column order in data grid

When viewing the data tab for a table, is there a way to have TDP save the column order after you rearrange them (like Toad for Oracle does)? It drives me a little crazy when I spend time changing the column order and then simply go update the filter only to have the columns reset after it refreshes.

If you put the columns in the order that you want in the select clause it will come out that way in the results. If you are using Query Builder rearrange the columns there before running the query then check the SQL tab for the order of the columns.

Thanks, but not talking about either of those - I’m talking about the data grid in the View Table window. This is synonymous with viewing the data tab in the schema browser window in Toad for Oracle.

I see said the blind man! I think you want an enhancement request. I did not find anything in options that would allow you to save the displayed column order of a table. You need of the amazing members of the Toad support team to see this thread or post it in the idea pond.