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How to change the F5 and F9 shortcuts


I just got my work computer reinstalled and I am using Toad for Oracle 13.1.

I want to switch F5 and F9 execute shortcuts - F5 to be the execute current querry, F9 execute as script however I can't figure out how to do it ...

In View -> Toad Options -> Toolbars/Menus -> Shortcuts, I found both the F5 and F9 but it does not allow me to switch them ... it works for some FN keys but not for all (F1 or F6 work, other not). Do I need to press something else?


I think I found it by mistake :grinning:

I pressed by accident in the same time right mouse button and it worked - so to swap F5 and F9 you need to press the right mouse button and the new FN key ...


Glad you got it set, but I'm not sure why you needed the rt-mouse button. For me I can just change them pressing the function keys.

Correction, I missed 13.1 as your Toad version. Yes I see the problem there, but it seems resolved for 13.2.