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How to connect Tableau in Toad data point



Is it possible to connect Tableau from Data point. Because i could not see Tableau in the new connection list. If it is possible, do we have any video or steps to connect?


I think Toad data point does not support Tableau.


If you know the credentials to connect to Tableau’s underlying database, then it’s possible to connect to the Tableau server in two ways:

  1. Use the native database connector/credentials (Postgres, for example)

  2. Use an ODBC driver, provided by Tableau, or other third party

Hope this helps.


Hi Gary,

Thank you for the reply!

I am new to Toad Data Point. Could you please share the steps or video to create a connection for 2nd option.


Assuming that your Tableau admin or database admin allows direct connections to the database server, here’s a screen snap with call-outs that may help.


I don’t have the admin access to both Tableau and Database. Ok I will tell you what I wanted to do.

I am having a Data source published in Tableau server. The connections are embedded and we don’t have access to it. Only the through Tableau server we can access the tables and data in the published data source.

We need that data source to join with other data source which is not in tableau server. As I know we can connect to different data source in Toad data point and write a query.

Is it possible to connect to Tableau server to access that data source ?


If you don’t have the connection credentials to the underlying database on the Tableau server, then you’ll need to export the data to from Tableau to some format to which Toad Datapoint knows how to connect.
Common choices are CSV, Excel, HTML, XML, etc.