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How to Create a Query on a Query In TOAD Data Point

I am new to TOAD but familiar with Access query building. I do not use SQL. I have found that many times in Access I have to base a new query on a previously developed query and some new data. I have been able to do this in TOAD using snapshots in local storage. My issue is when I use local storage for by snapshot no one else in our group can use the resultant query on a query or at least that is my conclusion. So here are a few questions. How do I get my queries snapshots and therefore new query based on new data and the snapshot available to other users? Note I only use Query builder in TOAD, No habla SQL . Second is there a better way in TOAD to base a query on a query in query builder? Thanks.

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  1. On sharing queries/results:
    I can think of a couple methods that might help, if I understand your question correctly. Perhaps the best way to share your query results is to publish them on Toad Intelligence Central. TIC is a (optionally licensed) server component that works with TDP so that you can share your result sets (or queries, or other "artifacts") with certain users who can view, filter, and download these results.
    Alternatively, there's always "export"! TDP allows users to export results of their queries to a wide variety of target formats. Some of us export data to a shared drive so that others can pick it up from the same shared file location.

  2. On "basing a query on a query in the Query Builder",
    Probably going to need more description on what you're trying to do and the steps you're using currently to do it.

Gary, Thanks for the insights. With regards to item 2. Writing a query on a query Let me explain what I am trying to do. I have a table that has a fields AsOfDate, Customer and Well_API_Number and a bunch of other data. Every time we make an analysis the table is update with a new AsOfDate for a Customer and WELL_API_Number. Over time we have many AsOfDates for different customers and there associated WELL_API_Numbers and other data. What I want to do now is make a query of all the Well_API_Number(s) for only the latest AsOfDate for each Customer. The way I do it now is make a query that gives me the Max AsOfDate for each customer and save it as a snapshot in local storage. Then in Query Builder I bring the snapshot and the table with all AsOfDate, Customer Well_API_Numbers and other data in it and Join the ASOfDate and Customer as keys. That way I receive only the data for the latest AsOfData data for all wells. What I call a query on a query. The problem is my local stored snapshot is not accessible by others in the bank. So they cannot run the final query. As I said I am a newbe so any thoughts you might have would be appreciated.