How to create view in TDM


Could you please help me on the steps to create a view in Toad Data Modeler.

It would be great if you have any recorded training videos to create view and to generate DDL for the view.

Thanks !!


Open a model. On the left side/model explorer double-click VIEWS.

In the VIEWS dialog that opens you can add one or more views by assigning a ‘caption name’ to your view.

Double-click on the new view, go to the ‘attributes’ tab and ADD. This will open a dialog that shows you all of the tables in the model you are working on. Choose a table and the columns will be displayed.

Choose the column(s) you want to use in the view. Click ‘OK’, then click ‘OK’ again and you have just created a view.

From here you can alter the attributes of the view as needed for your environment.

I hope this helps.


I only want to add. In Toad Data Modeler you can create simple views in structured type (Relation on Entity, list of column etc.) and some complicated Views only in Text type. If you want structured type you need create View Relationships to appropriate entities (you will have available attributes from Entity in Views). If you have some complicated View please check on View dialog “Generate SQL Only” and write SQL statements to SQL Tab.