How to debug in Toad for SQL?


I am usin Toad for SQL 6.1

I never used before but wonder if I could run ‘Select’ statement in debugger. E.g. I have some complex join statements do want to know ‘Result set’ not at the end of ‘Select’ but at some particular line.

In case it’s possible could you please point me to instructions how to do it?


Anyone could answer?


  1. Open an Editor.
  2. Debug->Debugger Set up Wizard. Run this in Server and Client.
    The detail of wizard verifieds please refer to help document->Set up debugging.
    3.Then click Debug->Run Debugger.
  3. Set BreakPoint
  4. Debug->Run Debugger.

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Hi Kelly

Thank you very much for pointing me to ‘debug’ interface.

Is it correct that one could debug only stored procedures or functions?

In my case I run sp or function very rare and mostly use ‘Select’ SQL Statements.

I assumed that I would be able to stop execution of that statement at any breakpoint but it looks that I was wrong.

Could you please verify?



For now. The debugger not support your requirement (complex join statements ).

Sorry for your inconvenience.