Debug in toad for sql server 6.5


I’m using the trial version of toad for sql server 6.5 and I have issues debugging remote server sql server 2008r2:

The debugger setup wizard tells me everything is ok on the log when testing, and from sql server management studio it debugs ok.

BUT in toad, when I set breakpoints for something as simple as

select 1

select 2

select n

then, the first time the debugger does not stop on any breakpoints, If I start setting them again, it works, maybe the second time, maybe the third… it seems random.

In fact, if the debugger does not ‘see’ the breakpoint , the execution continues, and I get lots of hangs because of this, as I want to debug a relatively complex stored procedure.

Does somebody got the same issues ? It’s driving me mad and I’d like to use the Toad for Sql server debugger as it seems more complete than the one included in ssms.

Thanks !!!