How to enable 'Run Statspack Report on Selected Snapshot Pair' in the Statspack Browser

I use TOAD Beta 17.1.601.3308.
I'm trying to generate a Statspack report in Database | Monitor | Statspack Browser, but even though I check two snapshots the 'Run Statspack Report on Selected Snapshot Pair', it's still disabled. How do I enable this feature?
I must install a copy of spreport.sql on Toad directory ?

You have to select (not check) a pair of snapshots, then right click.

When you right-click and choose "Run Statspack Report" for the first time (for whichever version of Oracle you are connected to), Toad will want to connect to the server to pull the report files (either by FTP if the server is Linux/Unix, or just browsing if Windows). After that, Toad will keep a copy of the report in the user files folder and use that.

If you can't get the files by this method, then you can do this:

  1. Create a folder under User Files called "StatsPack Reports"
  2. Under that, create a folder called 8i, 817, 9i, 9iR2, 10g, 10gR2, 11g, 11gR2, 12c, 12cR2, 18c, 19c, 21c, or 23c - for whichever Oracle server version you have.
  3. Put these files (assuming your Oracle version is later than 10) from the server's RDBMS\Admin folder into the folder you created in step 2:
  • spreport.sql
  • sprepins.sql
  • sprepcon.sql

If you have an older Oracle version let me know and I'll provide more details


Thanks. It's OK