How to import excel file with field name in row number 6 into Oracle Db

I have excel file with fieldnames in sixth row (cf attached file). So I specify that the column name is the header row and that the data begin in row 6 (see presse-papiers1.png). But in the File preview, the fieldname is still the 1st row (see presse-papier3.png). What do I missed ?
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P.S. and here’s the result : see attachment presse-papier4.png
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BTX_IC_ACT_2006_IRIS.xls (258 KB)





Yes. We are not seeing the headers on the line 6. I entered CR70840 to be fixed in the next release. We are planning on enhancements to mapping of rows and data for Excel files. This is for the 3.0 release.

For now the work around is to import into an already existing table and point to row 7 as data without headers.