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How to keep output within TOAD for AppDesigner/Automation Designer

Hi all,

I am trying to run a script in AppDesigner that will output rows that meet a certain condition - otherwise, it returns “no rows selected.”

I would like it to notify me when there is data, but I feel like I need to keep it within the program to potentially do an If-Then-Else on the conditions so I can try to test for it NOT saying “no rows selected”.

The options for Execute Script don’t seem to include keeping the output in the Output window or Data Grid.

Is there any way to do tests on this data in this way? (Toad version for reference)

Thank you in advance to anyone reading and/or helping!

Try the Export Dataset action on the Import/Export page. When there is no data a message box is shown indicating such. When there is data it’s exported to the destination of your choosing.

If you need to do this with execute script you can place an Actionable Query action before your script. Set its text to “EXISTS ()” and when there is no data your app will fail to execute. When it succeeds your script executes as normal. This may be less desirable if your SELECT takes a while to execute though.


It sounds like it is not possible to keep the data “within” the program, but your tips very much assist with the problem I am facing and I will use them to create an app that will solve my problem.

Thank you so much!