How to make FK references less of a pain

When making non-identifying FK references, and using a standard ‘ID’ name in tables, the ‘ID’ FK reference shows up as a duplicate ID. Since this is guaranteed to be an error, why not just default it to: tablename_FKname, which will amount to: tablename_ID when ID is the usual PK name? This is a common convention and would save a lot of time.

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click Settings | Options and in section Model | Physical Model navigate to tab General. There is option Relation Attribute Name. Set the value to FK_<%ParentAttributeName%>. Currently, application variable ParentTableName is not supported that’s why when you name all PK in all parent tables as ID, it will not help significantly.

What I recommend is to name ID in your tables with table prefix. You can use a quick macro that allows you to add ID attribute to all entities quickly, add it to primary key and use table name as prefix.


Then, with the settings described in first paragraph you will be able to model your database really quickly.



Ok, but I think you’re missing my point. I absolutely do not want the table prefixing every ID column. I want it - consistently - named ‘ID’ for every single table. Furthermore this is absolutely standard for one common and growing use case: Ruby on Rails (although that is not what I’m using for the model in question.)

Perhaps two enhancements to TDM would make this easier:

  1. Add an application variable ParentTableName. Seems easy to do.
  2. Make the Relation Attribute Name finer grained, associated with the type of relationship, e.g.: For Identifying FK, Non-Identifying FK (at least, perhaps others). For an Identifying FK, with an IS-A relationship, I do in fact want to retain ID as the common name. For a Non_identifying FK, _ID would be the ideal name, if ParentTableName were available as a variable. Ideal in my case, but I’m sure others would find this capability useful in other contexts.

I have same trouble. I have to rename every single foreign key. Could you please add <%ParentTableName%> <%ParentTableCaption%> applications variables for Model | Physical Model -> Relation Attribute Name. Those application variables are already available in other places.

Like Olivercomputing stated I cannot use other PK names, because most of the frameworks I use expects id as PK.


Hello Ozum,

Please put your feature request into the Idea Pond, it might get enough support to get implemented.

If you’d like, I can create a macro with similar functionality for you in the meantime. It would rename all FKs according to some pattern (e.g. ID_ParentTableName). Would that be of any help?



Hi Lukas,

Thank you for your reply. I found similar macro. However for FKs, there are naming exceptions to this rule. So I cannot use a macro processing all foreign keys. I will put feature request to Idea Pond.